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Grade Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si Alloy - AZoM.com

2013-8-6 & 0183; Grade Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si alloy is an alpha-beta alloy with medium strength. This alloy can be solution treated at 900& 186;C 1652& 176;F and aged 500& 186;C 932& 176;F . The following sections will discuss in detail about grade Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si alloy.预计阅读时间:40 秒

Ti–4Al–4Mo–2Sn - Titanium

Ti–4Al–4Mo–2Sn. Ti 550 is a high strength, forgeable alpha beta alloy. In the solution treated and aged condition it has superior tensile and fatigue properties compared to Ti 6-4 combined with good elevated temperature tensile and creep properties up to 750& 176;F 400& 176;C . This alloy has appli ions in the aerospace industry both as aero ...32;can32;can

Titanium Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si IMI550 , STA

Titanium Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si IMI550 , STA, Solution Treated 900& 186;C, Aged 500& 186;C. Alpha-Beta Alloy, medium strength. Appli ions: Aerospace - airframe and engine components.


2018-4-14 & 0183; The Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-o.5Si alloy IMI 550 rolled plate 835 mm x 364 mm x 43 mm was tested in the solution treated and aged condition STA . The chemical analysis is given in Table 1. Table 1 Chemical Analysis Element Al Fe Mo Sn Si H2 N2 02 Percentage by 4.11 0.02 4.09 2.01 0.44 0.001 0.01 0.17 Weight


Fatigue of wrought titanium alloys Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn and Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0. 5Si. Data item. Technical Report. This Item presents constant amplitude data on the fatigue strength of the wrought titanium alloys Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn and Ti-4-Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si, in both plain and notched specimen form. The fatigue strength of these alloys is affected by the ...

Effect of trace solute hydrogen on the fatigue life of ...

The electron beam welded joint of Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si alloy showed instances of zigzag fatigue cracks that increased in degree from lowest in the HAZ, moderate in the FZ to greatest in the BM.


2018-4-14 & 0183; The results of the effect of oxygen on the fracture toughness and KISCC of the a titanium alloy Ti-4Al-2Sn-4Mo-0.5Si are in line with those seen in the Ti-6Al-4V alloy. Whether the effect in IMI 550 is the same as that reported by Poyer<4l, namely that increasing the oxygen increases the tendency towards ordering is a matter of speculation. No ordering has been detected in IMI 550, but the trends seen in Ti-6Al-4V are to be expected in other a titanium alloys, including IMI 550. However, before the onset of ordering there is every indir.ation that oxygen levels would …32;can32;can

Transformations in the Ti–5Al–2Sn–2Zr–4Mo–4Cr Ti-17 ...

2006-11-25 & 0183; The α. β type Ti–5Al–2Sn–2Zr–4Mo–4Cr Ti-17 alloy, can be subjected to different thermal treatments of solution and aging.. During the solution treatment, phase α is changed to β, until the transformation is completed upon reaching the β transus temperature ∼900 & 176;C .The identifi ion of the kinetics of this transformation allows to carry out different thermal treatments ...Cited by: 25

Integ Metals Titanium Alpha-Beta

The best of both worlds, Alpha-Beta Titanium Alloys are a dual phase alloy, featuring high compositions of Alpha friendly Aluminium, but with healthy measures of Beta Stabilisers Vanadium, Tantalum, Niobium and Hydrogen, too. As more Beta Stabilisers are added, so a greater amount of the Beta Phase is retained at lower temperatures.32;can32;can

Titanium Alloys and Their Characteristics: Part One ...

Alpha AlloysNear-Α AlloysAlpha-Beta AlloysBurn-Resistant β-alloysaluminium equivalent, wt% = Al 1/3 Sn 1/6 Zr 10 O C 2N If this exceeds about 9 wt% then there may be detrimental precipitation reactions. The presence of a small amount of the more ductile β-phase in nearly α alloys is advantageous for heat treatment and the ability to forge. The alloys may therefore contain some 1wt% of Moe.g. Ti - 6Al - 2Sn - 4Zr - 2Mo where the Zr and Sngive solid solution strengthening. Ti-5Al-2.5Sn is an α alloy which is available commercially in many forms. Because it is st…

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