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Aluminium Alloy EN-AW 6060 AlmgSi0,5

Scope Aluminium alloy 6060 is a medium strength heat treatable alloy with a strength slightly lower than 6005A. It has very good corrosion resistance, very good weldability and good cold formability. It is commonly used for complex cross sections and has very good anodizing response. Chemical composition according to EN573-3 (EN - AW %)

ENAW-AlMgSi / ENAW-6060 - SteelNumber - Aluminium equivalent ...

ENAW-6060. Classification: Aluminium - 6000 series / Attention! Grade ENAW-6101 also named ENAW-AlMgSi. Density. 2.7 g/cm ³. Standard: EN 573-3: 2009 Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Chemical composition and form of wrought products.

Applications – Chassis & Suspension – Subframes

3.5 mm of the alloy EN AW-5754 (AlMg3Mn) and extrusions with 3.5 mm wall thickness of the alloy EN AW-6060 (AlMgSi0.5) are applied. Mechanical properties: R p0,2 R m

Thermal Analysis and Production of As-Cast Al 7075/6060 ...

The applied cast alloys were commercial EN AW-6060 (Al 6060) and EN AW-7075 (Al 7075). The chemical composition was determined using the Foundry-Master spark emission spectrometer from Oxford Instruments Analytical GmbH, Uedem, Germany. The measurement was taken in an argon atmosphere. Table 1 lists the chemical compositions in detail.


EN AW 6060 chips of different geometry and types were mainly used as the experimental material. The chips were compacted in a die with a vertical channel (10.3mm in diameter). To provide a range of...

ENAW-AlSiMgMn / ENAW-6360 - SteelNumber - Aluminium ...

ENAW-AlSiMgMn. Number: ENAW-6360. Classification: Aluminium - 6000 series ( Magnesium Mg and Silicon Si are major alloying elements ) Standard: EN 573-3: 2009 Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Chemical composition and form of wrought products. Chemical composition and form of products.

H. Gers: Aluminium Alloys for High Performance Space Frame ...

EN AW 6060 220 180 12 Good extrudability Airbag Housings EN AW 6063 270 220 10 Medium tensile strength alloy EN AW 6082 350 300 8 Good cycle strength Bearing Housing EN AW 7020 380 320 10 High tensile strength Rollover Bar Gers, 2012-03-16 EN AW 6026 350 300 10 Good machining performance Valve Control Unit EN AW 6106 260 220 10 Good crush ...

Continuous casting aluminium alloys.

MECHANICAL FEATURES DETECTED FROM SEPARATE CASTING TEST SPECIMENS Rm Sp 0,2 Casting process A Temper designat Tensile strenght EN HB Brinell hardness EN 1706UNI 7363 EN1706 UNI 7363 % % HB SAND (as cast) Annealed SHELL (as cast) Annealed PRESSURE DIE (as cast) F 1 1,5-2,5 85-100 EN UNI EN UNI 7363 240 265-295 155-195 Mpa N/mm2 Mpa N/mm2 14 80 ...

Global Aluminum Alloy Conversion Chart

Sand, chill; cylinder heads valve bodies, good pressure tightness LM20 Al-Si12Cu 47000 A-S12-Y4 G-AlSi12 (Cu)(231) 5079 A413 305 - Pressure diecasting; corrosion resistant, marine castings, water pumps, meter cases Al-Si12CuFe LM21 Al-Si6Cu4 45000 A-S5U2 G-AlSi6Cu4(225) 7369/4 308 326 AC2A Sand, gravity; similar to LM4, crankcases, gear boxes, etc.

Anodising as pre-treatment before organic coating of extruded ...

The extruded EN AW-6060 profiles were 100 mm wide and 3 mm thick. From the extrusions, 100 mm long samples were cut. The AlSi15 sand castings were 340 mm long trapezoidal plates with longitudinal ribs on one surface. The plates were 70 mm wide on one edge and 90 mm wide on the other. Each casting was cut into two 150 mm long samples.

ANODIZATION - Tifoo Plating

The latter are used for example for sand casting and motor parts and others are produced in this way. ... AlMgSi0.5 EN AW 6060 very good very good very good AlMg5 EN ...


EN AW 6082, EN AW 6060, EN AW 3003, or any other Al-alloys (series 1000, series 3000, series 6000, etc.) Temper OH-Soft annealed, H18-Hard Surface finish Tumbled, Sand blasted, without surface treatment Available dimensions and shape: Diameter [mm] 5,00 - 140,00 Thickness [mm] 1,50 - 22,00 Shape Flat, Domed, Round, Oval, Rectangular, etc.

Aluminum alloys: categories and classes – aluminium-guide.com

thermally neuprochnyaemyh casting aluminum alloys. The European designation system Wrought alloys. The European system of designations of deformable aluminum alloys based on the "American" system of four digits with the addition of a few letters in front of them, for example, EN AW-6060. Here EN stands for "European standard", AW - «wrought ...

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys - NIST

decimal value. The decimal .0 in all cases pertains to casting alloy limits. Decimals .1, and .2 concern ingot compositions, which after melting and pro-cessing should result in chemistries conforming to casting specification requirements. Alloy families for casting compositions include the f ollowing: Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys / 353

Slugs - Impol

1. Stamped slugs from alloys EN AW 1070A, EN AW 1050A, EN AW 3102 and EN AW 3207. 2. Stamped slugs from alloys EN AW 6082, EN AW 6060 and EN AW 3003. 3. Sawn slugs. In terms of shape, alloy and method of manufacture, we adapt to the requirements of our buyers in order to develop the product together and create customer satisfaction.

356 Aluminum Sand Castings Foundry | LB Foundry

A356 & 356 Aluminum Sand Castings. Aluminum alloy A356.0 and 356.0 are a 7% Si, 0.3% Mg alloy with 0.2 Fe (max) and 0.10 Zn (max). The alloys have very good casting and machining characteristics.

(PDF) AAM-Applications-Chassis-Suspension-2-Suspension-parts ...

The longitudinally seam-welded tubes (HF welding) have a wall thickness of 4.0 mm, the alloy is EN AW-5754 – HO/111 (AlMg3.5Mn). The wall thickness of the extrusions is 4.0 – 6.0 mm, the alloy is EN AW-6060 - T4 (Al MgSi0.5). The fabrication process of the tubes includes machining, 2D-bending and forming, the extrusions are just cut-to-length.

LM25 Aluminium Casting Alloy (Al – Si7Mg)

castings. Its potential uses are increased by it's availability in four conditions of heat treatment in both sand and chill castings. It is, in practice, the general purpose high strength casting alloy. LM25 Aluminium Casting Alloy (Al – Si7Mg)

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